Pretty handy, right?


Since the dawn of time, humans have been grooming each other. While the techniques and processes have become more sophisticated, the manner in which we subject our clients to said grooming has changed very little. Clients no longer sit with their arms trapped under the haircutting cape. They’re on their personal devices, enjoying a beverage, or reading… getting hair all over themselves. 


Not anymore! Now there’s Sleevie Cape.


It’s amazing that the Sleevie Cape wasn’t invented sooner! As people become more and more attached to having something in their hands at all times, it makes sense that the products we use on a regular basis allow for freedom of movement. Sleevie Cape enables clients to maneuver their hands without getting hair or chemicals on their clothes. A client could enjoy their favorite beverage during an appointment without hair falling into it! They’ll simply pull the extra-wide sleeve over top of their hand with the drink and that drink is hair free! If this were the olden days, a client could read their newspaper or even enjoy their pipe while keeping their work shirt clean enough for another day’s use. But mostly, let’s be honest, clients will be holding their smart phones and Instagramming their new look from the chair… #sleeviecape.


Other Uses for the Sleevie Cape:

*Hair and Makeup Artists can drape their models and actors who need to hold a script while getting camera-ready.


*People who want to feel like a judge or wizard, or relive their graduation may enjoy the Sleevie Cape.


*Someone cutting their own hair will appreciate the Sleevie Cape. (Although, this is not necessarily recommended.)

Victoria Blow

Victoria “Sleevie Cape” Blow came up with the idea about 10 years ago while working in a hip barber shop in West Hollywood, CA. High-end clients would come in on their lunch break for a haircut and then head back to the office. Victoria noticed that they’d get hair all over their shirt sleeves while they were taking care of business on their phones. “This cannot stand!” Victoria thought. So over the years, after much trial and error and the help of her mother’s sewing skills, she finally developed the Sleevie Cape. Nowadays, we’re used to being able to have everything at our fingertips, therefore we need our fingertips free to use them! Thanks Sleevie Cape! 


Also, Victoria really wants to become a cast member of Survivor and hopes that “inventor” is a more interesting job title than “hairdresser”.






“These capes keep your hands free during your cut. They rock!”


"The Sleevie Cape is brilliantly designed for function and freedom! I can finally sit in a hair salon chair and not feel so limited and trapped!

My arms and hands are free to text, scroll and swipe and sip my mimosa all the while getting coiffed. Thank you for inventing this long-awaited

product... or hair cape!"


"I can actually get things done while receiving a haircut. Great idea!"




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